Patio heater in pyramid shape – gas

A beautiful torch / patio heater in pyramid shape that provides comfortable heat.

It has a nice design and a living flame in the built-in flame glass of clear glass.

The living flame gives an atmospheric light. There is a reflector on top of the patio heater.

The product can be purchased from KPN:

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Made of metal, stainless steel and aluminum.

Total height 229cm.

Bottom plate / surface size 49 * 49cm.

The cabinet in the top 38 * 38cm.

The glass tube can be replaced if it breaks.

Comes with hose and regulator.

Bottom plate: 49cm x 49cm x 2.7cm

Cabinet: Top: 37.6cm x 37.6cm,

Bottom: 48cm x 48cm

Cabinet height: 77cm

Glass tube: Ø10cm x 125.4cm

Top Reflector: 46cm x 46cm x 4cm

Gas type: Propane or Butane

Power: 5000-13000 watts

With wheels

Size: 52x52x229cm

Gas consumption: 945 grams / hour

Screws are stainless steel